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    "With many years of experience with Recruitment Industry back office software we thought we had seen it all. We were wrong! The EDS Ops System ticks all the boxes for us, Temp staff, permanent staff, CV Parsing. "Best we've ever seen" I don't want too many of our competitors to get hold of it but I know they will when they see it!"

Pricing as low as £25/month. No upfront cost!

Why EDSOPS for your recruitment Business?

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    Cloud Based System

    a. Increase in Cash Flow: Reduced spending on technology infrastructure and reduce spending on software licenses
    b. No hardware installation required
    c. Processes are streamlined, more work is done with less people
    d. No upfront cost

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    Job Board Integration

    EDS ops gives you the ability to easily post your job openings on Job boards with just a few simple clicks.EDS ops will also give you updates and notifications on candidates interested in your posted job openings. The job boards supported to include, but not limited to CareerBuilder, Indeed and Monster.

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    Social Media Integration

    With a few clicks EDS ops offers you full social media integration with popular social networks such as Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook. With this integration you can communicate with your candidates or post available job openings to your company corporate account or even your personal account if previously synchronized with EDS ops.


Candidate Management

EDSops simplifies candidate management and helps to track candidate resumes. It also monitors and compares submitted resumes with the standard set for that organisation. The candidates resumes are compared against each other and the most relatively "best", based on organisation standards , which are then shortlisted. Simplified recruitment is guaranteed with easy management of your candidate database.


Client Management

EDS ops  helps you meet your client needs, with just a few mouse clicks EDS ops is able to aid you in making smarter decisions using it’s gathered real time data. Your reaction time to client’s recruitment needs is increased and your organisation will gain a reputation of smart and trusted recruitment recommendations.

Temporary Job Management

With EDS ops temporary job postings with CV requirements can easily be posted with a few clicks, you can stipulate the contract period and payment for the duration. EDS ops also keeps track of the temporary employee after periods of employment.


Permanent Job Management

With EDS ops  permanent job postings can easily be placed with just few clicks. When recruiting for a permanent offer the EDS ops shortlists candidates that meet up with the Resume requirements specified. The years of experience, acheivements and qualifications are also considered by EDSops during it’s shortlisting process.